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On Sundays, we Catholics do not go to a church service or go to a Sunday school. But, rather, we assist at Holy Mass. What is Mass all about and how do we participate? This is a fundamental question that many Catholics have difficulty answering.
If you ask a Catholic why they go to Mass, you will most likely receive many different answers. Many will say they go to Mass to receive Holy Communion. Others might say they go to hear the Word of God. Still others may reply they go to receive inspiration from the homily. Some may even acknowledge that they go to Mass to fellowship with others. These are all elements of the Mass that are indeed valid reasons for the faithful to attend Mass.
But the real reason Catholics assist at Holy Mass is to worship God. That’s right, assisting at Holy Mass is the way we worship the Lord. Holy Mass is indeed the highest form of worship of our Lord.
We are Catholic. Understanding the Mass is essential to our Catholic faith. Make it a point to learn more about the elements of the Mass and the beauty of our faith. With better understanding, you will be able to practice your Catholic faith with great joy and love.
Ponder: How do you prepare to participate at every Holy Mass?
Reflect: Rev. 19:6-9
Pray: Heavenly Father, I love you with my whole heart, mind, and soul. Help me to always worship you with great reverence at every Holy Mass.

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