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One thing is for certain in this life…we are all going to die.  For many, this is a very frightening thought.  It shouldn’t be; because in reality, we actually live to die so that we might live eternally.

God created us for life. A life with Him.  But, through our disobedience, death entered the world. Now, we must overcome death through obedience to God and His plan for our salvation.   For Christians, obedience to God’s holy will, will not prevent our natural death, but thankfully will obtain for us eternal life.

We are Catholic. We received God’s plan for our eternal life from Jesus.  And Jesus gave us His Bride, the Church.  We are called to learn from Jesus, follow His ways, and be obedient to His teachings. By following His way, we live to die so that we may die to live eternally with Him.

Discussion Question:  Should Christains be excited about dying rather than be fearful? How can we overcome our fear of death?

Reflection:  Sacred Scripture:  Romans 14:7-9

Prayer:  Dear Lord, help me to accept Your holy will for me and to be obedient to the teachings of the Church.

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