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We often hear that we must trust in the Lord always. We are assured that if we trust in Him, He knows what is best for us and will not fail us. But, what does it mean to REALLY trust in God? Think of trust like a tightrope suspended between two tall skyscrapers. The Lord is walking across this tight rope. He says to you, “I am the way. Follow Me.” Do you have the courage to really trust Him and follow Him even when you are frightened? Or, will you stay back where it feels safer?

During our trials, challenges, and fears in life, we need to place all of our trust in God, even though this may not be easy. Often, rather than putting our trust in The Lord, we try to handle everything on our own. When our trust is weak, our burdens become heavy.

We are Catholic. We believe we must follow Jesus, even when we are faced with carrying our cross. Ask the Lord to help you carry the load. The Lord has promised us that He will never abandon us. Trust in the Lord always. Pray for strength and perseverance. And always ask the Blessed Mother to intercede for you. She will take your prayers directly to her Son. And, your prayers will always be answered according to God’s holy will for you.

Ponder: What are some of your greatest fears? Do you have the courage to turn them over to God and to be not afraid?

Reflect: Dt. 31:8

Pray: Heavenly Father, give me the strength and courage to trust in you always.

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This post was written by Suzy Kelly

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