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Every Catholic Church is a sacred place. When we come together before Mass, we gather in the Nave which surrounds the Sanctuary, the place where the Lord is present in the tabernacle. The Sanctuary has at its center the Altar of Sacrifice where the priest offers the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

As Catholics, we are called to prepare for Holy Mass before arriving at church. Once at church, we enter the Sacred Nave in silence and awe in what we are about to experience in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We gather first in personal prayer before Mass begins and then we participate in the worship of our God as a unified congregation.

We are Catholic. Our churches are not simply “worship spaces” but rather they are Holy Grounds. Our Sanctuaries are where heaven and earth meet at every Holy Mass. No other Christian denomination can make this claim. As Catholics, we are called to always reverence our Sanctuaries and our Naves in silence, prayer, and awe.

Ponder:How do you prepare for Holy Mass? Do you enter the Nave in prayerful silence and in awe?

Reflect: Psalm 148:11-14

Pray: Heavenly Father, make me an instrument of your peace and help me to prepare to reverence and adore you in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

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