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Finding the time to pray is sometimes a challenge.  And, finding the time and the will to pray the rosary is not easy. After all, the rosary has 53 Hail Mary’s, 6 Our Father’s, and a few other prayers sprinkled in. With all of these repetitive prayers, praying the rosary may become tiring. All of these points can deter us from praying the rosary.

However, there is a beautiful and bright side of praying the rosary. Did you know that the rosary is the prayer of the Gospel? Each decade is a meditation on a particular aspect in the life of Christ. As each mystery of the rosary is announced and prayed, your mind is drawn to Christ, His life, and His love for you. If you pray the rosary daily, the Word of God will speak to you and touch your heart.

We are Catholic. Our heavenly Mother has given us this beautiful devotion to draw us closer to her Son, Jesus. The time you spend praying the rosary is an investment in your relationship with Christ and in your eternal future with Him. Take time to pray the rosary daily and live a Catholic life.

Ponder: How can you find or create time in your day for prayer and in particular the rosary?

Reflection: Lk 1:39-56

Prayer: Mary, my Mother, draw me closer to your Son, Jesus, and help me find time to speak to Him throughout the day. Help me to pray.

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