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We have a God, who since the beginning of time, is, was, and will forever be a God of order. Everything He created was done in an orderly, intentional way. Nothing He created was accomplished by chance, or in leaving his creatures to devise their own truth about the order of creation and their participation in the creative life.

However, we, God’s creatures, often place our own desires above the creative design that God carefully entrusted to us. We confuse freedom with license, when making moral choices. We must remember that our freedom comes from God alone, who has given us complete instructions on how to exercise this freedom, if we seek His good counsel.

When we place individual desires above God’s creative plan for each of us, chaos will ensue. And nothing of God Is chaotic. Everything of God is orderly. Redefining marriage is not in accordance with God’s creative order. Redefining marriage is, in fact, contrary to God’s creative design.

We are Catholic. We are called to follow the creative design God entrusted to His people. We must put aside our personal desires that do not conform to the will of God. Choose to live a holy, Catholic life. Live in the creative order of God, and not in the new social order of man.

Ponder: What chaos can we expect by accepting a new definition of marriage?

Reflect: Sacred Scripture: Is 55:8-9

Pray: Heavenly Father, help me to understand that your ways are not my ways.

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