One of the great evils of our time is pornography, the devil’s pictures. The devil himself is the father of all lies and twists his evil by tempting us to believe evil is good. Often, pornography is described as art, self-expression, and perfectly acceptable for adults. But do not be fooled, pornography, even in its “mildest” forms, is evil and addictive.


Pornography is not only in magazines and movies, but in commercials on TV and in regular TV programming. It is pervasive on the internet. If you find yourself drawn to pornography, you must ask The Lord for His help to keep you safe from this evil. He will help free you from the bonds of the devil. He will even send His angels to protect you.


We are Catholic. It is a grave sin to engage in pornography. If you need help, ask The Lord to free you from this bondage, receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and avoid all occasions that allow pornography to enter you life.

Ponder: In what ways does pornography enter our world, and how can we avoid it?
Reflect: Sacred Scripture, 1 Cor 6:18-20
Pray: Heavenly Father, I ask Your help and guidance in keeping me free from all temptation and to only follow Your holy ways.