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How are you feeling today? Most of us, hopefully, are feeling pretty good. And if each of us took our temperature it would probably register around 98.6. For our physical body, this temperature is neither hot nor cold. It’s just right for our body to function optimally.

But, what is the optimal temperature for our spiritual health? We are told in Sacred Scripture that we must not be lukewarm. In fact, we must be on fire for the Lord. If we are simply lukewarm, Scripture tells us the Lord will spit us out of His mouth. This does not sound pleasant!

We are Catholic. We must become on fire with love for our Lord. Become filled with the Holy Spirit and become a vessel of love for the Lord. We can best accomplish this by receiving the grace from the Sacrament of Reconciliation and then receiving Jesus in the Eucharist. Receive these sacraments frequently and feel your spiritual temperature heat up.

Ponder:  Have you considered attending Mass and receiving Eucharist more frequently than simply on Sunday?

Reflection: Sacred Scripture: Rev. 3:16

Prayer: Jesus my Lord, help me to desire to receive You, sacramentally often. If I cannot receive you sacramentally each day, help me to receive you spiritually every day.

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This post was written by Suzy Kelly

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