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The alarm sounds in the morning and we often hit the snooze button. We just want a few more minutes to rest our tired bodies. Morning comes so early. If there were only a few more hours in the night, not to mention the day!

Our tired bodies need fuel to become energized. We receive energy from food, exercise, and adequate sleep.

Our souls, too, need to be awakened and energized. The sacraments, particularly the frequent and worthy reception of the Holy Eucharist, provide the primary source of energy for our souls. Jesus Christ knew the needs of our souls and has given us the sacraments to energize and sustain us.

We are Catholic. The Catholic Church is the home of the seven sacraments instituted by Jesus Christ for our spiritual sustenance. The sacraments are the supernatural fuel for our souls. Avail yourself to them for the supernatural energy needed for your earthly journey.

Ponder: How often do you fuel your soul with the sacramental energy from Reconciliation and the a Eucharist?

Reflect: John 6:57-58

Pray: Heavenly Fiather, thank you for instituting the sacraments for the supernatural energy I need each day.

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This post was written by Suzy Kelly

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