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Let’s look for a moment at the sheer beauty in all of creation. The beauty in nature, in the trees and plants, in the rivers and the oceans, the mountains and valleys, and in animals and fish is nothing short of awe inspiring.  Many often vacation or retreat to the mountains and the ocean because of the peace it brings to the spirit.  There is peace, beauty, and above all harmony in all of nature. Genius.

Then there’s the beauty of new life, the birth of a child. After nine months of growth in the womb, a new soul is presented to its parents in a much-awaited homecoming. The reality of life is an undeniable miracle. And after growing in the womb from conception, a new life, a new soul always follows. Genius.

Upon close examination, we find there is beauty in the very order and harmony of creation. Each day the sun rises and sets and has never failed this routine.  The seasons of the year follow suit.  Trees lose their leaves in the fall, then come to life in the spring. Tides rise and fall every day. The pattern of creation has a distinct rhythm.  Everything fits. Everything goes together.  Complete harmony. Genius.

We are Catholic.  Simply witnessing the harmony in all of creation, one has to wonder how anyone could doubt the existence of God. His creative genius is forever present in all that we do, in all that we see, and in all that we experience. But many still doubt, many even deny the existence of our Creator. Spread the joy of creation with others. Spread the Good News to those who doubt and deny. Evangelize.

Ponder: How often are we presented opportunities to share our faith with others but are not prepared to respond?  How can we prepare better to evangelize?

Reflect: Luke 24:32-35

Pray: Holy Spirit, open my heart and my mind to the presence of Jesus in all of Sacred Sacripture and in the breaking of the Bread.

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This post was written by Suzy Kelly

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