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Have you ever had a loose thread coming from one of your buttons? Once you start pulling on the thread it continues to unravel. The button then becomes less secure until it finally detaches from the garment. Without the button, your garment is in need of repair so that it can function properly once again.

The loose thread is much like our acceptance or rejection of the teachings of the Catholic Church. As long as we accept all that the Church teaches and reveals to be true, we stay united with her, just as the button whose thread is not pulled, remains secured to the garment. When we reject the teachings of the Church, our faith begins to unravel, much like the thread.

We are Catholic. We have received all Truth directly from Jesus Christ. As Catholics, we are called to obedience to all Church teachings whether we agree with them or not. When we are faced with teachings that may be difficult to follow, we can pray to the Holy Spirit for understanding, while being obedient to Church teachings.

Ponder: When faced with difficult Church teachings, where do you go to find out the reasons behind Church teachings?

Reflect: Sacred Scripture: 2 Pt. 1-20-21

Pray: Holy Spirit, send to me your Spirit of wisdom and knowledge to help me understand the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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