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The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) recently ruled that states must recognize the unions of same-sex couples as “marriages”. Of course, this goes against natural law and God’s law. Many Catholics were silent on this issue and two “Catholic” Supreme Court justices supported this new definition of marriage.

However, the Church’s position on marriage is clear, one man, one woman, and God. Marriage is a covenantal relationship established by God since the time of creation. But, five Supreme Court justices leave us to wonder if they believe they are more enlightened than God. And, their decision may have significant impacts on Holy Mother Church.

So, what can we expect next, as Catholics? Same-sex couples will, undoubtedly, come to the Church seeking the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. Catholic clergy will not be able to comply. The logical consequence initially may be the loss of the Church’s tax-exempt status. This may put an additional burden on those making financial contributions to the Church. Perhaps, however, we can live with this burden.

But, it may not stop there. More pressure may be levied on the Church. The government may force the Church to comply or have clergy arrested for breaking the law of the land. Remember, without priests there is no Eucharist. No priests, no Eucharist.

We are Catholic. We must follow God’s law even when it is difficult. Following Christ may mean persecution, imprisonment, or even martyrdom. Be not afraid. We have Jesus on our side. Remain steadfast in the Truth. Obey Church teachings always and follow the Lord.

Ponder: How far are you willing to go defending the teachings of the Church?

Reflection: Sacred Scripture: Gn 2:23-25

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I abandon myself into Your hands. Do with me what You will.

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