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 I’m not much of a cook, but I have noticed, on occasion, a bay leaf in my stew. In all my years of life, I’ve never thought about bay leaves but now I must.

Several questions come to mind when pondering bay leaves. I have to ask if bay leaves are really necessary; if they really make a difference in any given recipe; and if they would be missed if they were no longer around. My hunch is that most of us would never miss bay leaves if they were to become extinct. 

Unlike bay leaves, salt is one seasoning that would certainly be missed if no longer available. So, it begs the question, are you a Christian bay leaf or are you Christian salt?Do you make a difference in adding flavor to the worldly stew of Christ? 

We are Catholic.  We are called to be salt for the earth. To salt the earth we must bring Christ, the true light and salt of the earth, to others. We are called to a share the rich flavor of our Catholic faith with others. Let’s ponder the many ways we can make a difference by being salt in this world of bay leaves.  

PONDER: In what ways will you bring Christ to others in your daily life?

REFLECT: Mt. 5:13

PRAY: Heavenly Father, send your Spirit to give me the courage to be salt for the earth and to proclaim the Truth every day. 

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This post was written by Suzy Kelly

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