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Think for a moment about entering the church for Holy Mass. What is happening around you? Often the choir is practicing and the lay ministers are making preparations. The congregation is busy finding their respective seats. As we enter the Nave of the church, many are greeting one another with robust enthusiasm. Others are carrying on casual conversations with those seated nearby. The noise of this gathering may escalate dramatically as more people enter these sacred grounds.

Preparing for every Holy Mass requires those participating to prepare their hearts, minds, and bodies for what they are about to experience. Where is the sacredness?  Where is the reverence? Everyone seems to be living in the natural without regard for the supernatural world they will soon be entering.

We are Catholic. We must always enter our churches with reverence as Jesus Christ is present in a substantial way in the tabernacle. It is a time to prepare to enter into the mystery of all mysteries, the Holy Mass. It is a time for quiet reverence and sacred silence. Jesus Christ, our tremendous Lover is waiting to consummate His love for each one of us. Take time as you enter the church to unite with Jesus, who awaits you in the Eucharist.

Discuss: What can we do to prepare ourselves for sacred silence?

Reflect: Hebrews 12:28

Pray: Heavenly Father, help me to quiet my soul to prepare for this most Holy and Sacred Mass

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