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It is not unusual for us to dwell on negative things that happen in our life. Maybe we’ve heard unkind things that have been said about us, perhaps we have been disciplined at work, school, or at home; or maybe we have been diagnosed with a serious health condition. All of these things can weigh on our minds very heavily and we tend to dwell on them.

Becoming preoccupied with disturbing thoughts can be a burden on our minds. Focusing on the negative things that happen to us never benefits us and never changes what has happened.

We are Catholic. We know God is always with us but sometimes forget to give to Him all that burdens us. Instead of dwelling on the negative, replace these thoughts with a prayer asking for God to occupy your mind and your heart. Preoccupy yourself with God and you will always be at peace.

Ponder: What is burdening things in your life are preoccupying your thoughts?

Reflect: Sacred Scripture, Mt. 11:28-29

Pray: Heavenly Father, help me to replace my negative thoughts with thoughts of your loving goodness.

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