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Most mature adults have a strong desire to be productive. Admittedly, it is rewarding to see the fruits of our productivity. Whether it’s a paycheck from our employer or a nice dinner on the table, seeing results from our efforts provides us with satisfaction and the desire to continue to do more.

In much the same way, the biblical story of Martha and Mary is all about results of productivity (Lk 10:38-42). Martha had the desire to be productive by preparing a nice meal for Jesus while Mary seemed to be in a non-productive state, simply sitting and listening to Jesus.

Martha, like many of us, wanted help in completing her meal preparation so all could enjoy a nice supper. We, most certainly, can sympathize with her as she seeks a little help from her friends. Mary was engrossed in a conversation with Jesus. She does not appear to be productive and her time might be much more fruitful if spent helping in the kitchen, as Martha might likely be thinking.

Perhaps this story describes why people may have difficulty developing a prayer life. Talking and listening to Jesus as Mary was doing, otherwise known as praying, often appears to be very non-productive. We and others may not see or feel the results of a daily prayer life. Often we want to engage in productive activities that have readily measurable results.

We are Catholic. Prayer is the most fruitful of all activities that we can engage in each day. If we begin every action in our day with a short prayer, the fruits of our continual dialogue with the Lord would be extraordinary. Begin to include a conversation with the Lord before all you do and experience the fruits of your prayer life, the joy of a deep, intimate relationship with the Lord.

Ponder: What can you do today to enrich your prayer life?

Reflect: 1 Thes 5:16-18

Pray: Lord, teach me how to pray.

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