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Have you ever had a conversation with someone who wouldn’t let you get a word in edgewise? You waited patiently for an opportunity to enter into the discussion, but the person talking never came up for air, never paused, just kept talking. We’ve all been in this type of conversation. Not having the opportunity to respond to others in a dialog can be a source of frustration.

When we talk to God in prayer, do we allow Him time to respond? Are our conversations with Him a monolog where we talk to Him and do not allow Him time to respond? In our prayer life, it is essential that we allow for moments of quiet stillness in order for our Lord to respond to us.

We are Catholic. Our treasury of prayers is a great gift to our Church and an essential component of our prayer life. When accompanied with moments of silence, we can have a true conversation with God. Always remember that prayer is a dialog. We must take time to talk, time to pause, and time to listen to God.

Ponder: When and how do you hear the voice of the Lord in your life? Does He speak to you often?

Reflect: Jer 33:3

Pray: Dear God, help me to prayer, help me to listen, help me to hear your voice.

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