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We have all heard the stories of the gruesome abortions performed by Planned Parenthood. As Catholics, we all understand that all abortions are not only gruesome, but they always take the life of an innocent creation of God.

Currently, tax dollars help fund these abortions. Many argue that abortion is only 3% of their business, and the remaining 97% is used primarily for women’s health services. This 97% then, justifies federal funding…or does it?

Let’s look at this from another perspective. Jeffrey Dahmer was a serial killer who dismembered his victims and stored their remains in a freezer. Say, for argument’s sake, he only did this 3% of his waking hours. The other 97% of his day was spent volunteering at soup kitchens, mentoring young boys, and donating his used clothing to charity. Does the 97% of good works justify the 3% of his evil actions? It is absurd for anyone to think, given this argument, that good works can justify evil actions. The same can be said about Planned Parenthood.

We are Catholic. We know and believe all life is sacred from conception until natural death and the taking of innocent life through abortion is a grave matter. Our culture has become desensitized to the beauty of every one of God’s creations. The actions of Planned Parenthood, regardless of the percentage of their business, should be a deep concern to all Catholics. We are called to defend and protect all of God’s children, even those yet to be born.

Ponder: How can we help change the hearts of those who believe in abortion?

Reflect: Jer 1:1-5

Pray: Dear Lord, help me to always defend every life you have created.

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This post was written by Suzy Kelly

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