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Does the thought of being a saint sound boring, lonely, and not very exciting? You are not alone if these thoughts about sainthood cross your mind. Other saints have been in your shoes. One of the greatest saints ever, St. Augustine of Hippo, a bit of a philanderer, asked the Lord to make him chaste, “but not right now!” St. Augustine became a great saint and Doctor of the Church.

The reality is that God has chosen you to be a saint. He wants you to carry out the work he has willed for you in your daily life right now. Nothing would please him more than for you to join him forever in eternity. And heaven awaits those who have chosen the path of purity in thought, word, and action.

We are Catholic. Becoming a saint in your daily life is a choice. Begin by purifying what enters your senses each and every day. Ask the Lord in prayer to help you become saint. God will surely send reinforcements in your effort become the man or woman he created you to be. You will be surprised at the joy and excitement that comes with sainthood. There’s no time like right now to choose to become a saint!

Ponder: What changes would you have to make on your road to sainthood?

Reflect: Dt. 6:7

Pray: Guardian angel, guide me each day to follow the path to sainthood.

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This post was written by Suzy Kelly

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