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If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that they pray directly to Jesus and not to Mary or the saints, my wallet would be a lot thicker.  Why pray to anyone other than Jesus?  Why not only go directly to the Source, Jesus?  These are questions worthy of an explanation.

Let’s address this issue with a couple of other questions.  Have you ever asked people to pray for you?  If so, why? Have you ever asked anyone to put in a “good word for you” when seeking a new job or a position on a community board?  If so, why not go directly to the boss or the source?  As a child, did you ever ask your mother to plead to your father to soften an inevitable punishment for wrongdoing?  If so, why not just face your father yourself?

In many instances in our daily lives, we request others to intercede on our behalf and to help us.  For some reason, we think things work differently in the Church triumphant, heaven.  Our heavenly Mother and the saints are there for us as our intercessors.  They are very close to Jesus and can take our causes directly to Him.  They are our advocates, our cheerleaders! Who doesn’t need that “special someone” pleading on our behalf?

We are Catholic.  Our heavenly Mother, Mary; the saints; and the angels are with us even though we cannot see them.  They are here to help us.  Since they are in heaven, they can be an express lane to Jesus, interceding on our behalf.  Mary is our heavenly Mother and the saints are our friends.  We should always feel confident in turning to them with all of our needs. Can we pray to Jesus directly?  Absolutely.  However, praying to Mary and the saints and angels for their intercession is always an express lane to Jesus.

Ponder:  Do you feel reassurance in offering your prayers to the saints and to Mary?

Reflect:  Rev 5:8

Pray:  Mary, my heavenly Mother, help me to trust that your intercession will be efficacious in all ofmy needs.

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This post was written by Suzy Kelly

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