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Sometimes in life, we desire earthly things that may not be compatible with God’s will for us. This happened in the Garden of Eden with God’s very first creatures, Adam and Eve. They desired something that looked good, promised to be very tasty, and would make them better than they already were. And, they went for it. They ate the fruit of the only tree forbidden by God.

Adam and Eve had it all. They were in paradise. And God gave Adam and Eve only one command, one rule, no fruit from one tree. They disobeyed this one command. Paradise lost.

Just like Adam and Eve, we tend to want what we cannot have and desire the forbidden fruits of this world. We have an insatiable appetite for always wanting more than what God wants for us. Some have gone to the extreme of desiring to be of a different gender than the one God has authored each one of us, which He so delicately weaved in the womb of our mother.

We are Catholic. Deciding our gender is the role of God alone. It is not up to us to change or modify it. Just like our first parents, disobedience will never bring joy to our lives but more confusion and distance from God, as it did with Adam and Eve. Be Catholic and be obedient to the teachings of the Church.

Ponder: In what ways does our culture influence our decisions that may not be in accordance with God’s will for us?

Reflection: Sacred Scripture: Gn. 1-26-28

Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me to always understand and obey your holy will for me.

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This post was written by Suzy Kelly

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