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Isn’t it refreshing and invigorating to jump into a cold swimming pool on a hot summer’s day? Isn’t it, likewise, calming to soak in a hot tub on a cold winter’s day? Hot and cold are temperatures that the body can really feel. We definitely must prepare to enter either of these extremes.

Like temperature extremes, our faith can also be hot, cold, or somewhere in between. We can be on fire for The Lord and love Him with our whole mind, body, and spirit. Or, we can give Him the cold shoulder and refuse to accept Him and His holy will for us.

But, many of us are somewhere in the middle, simply lukewarm in our faith. We attend Mass most Sundays, when it’s convenient. Maybe we believe in God, but do not feel a need to get to know Him personally. Setting aside time for prayer is not a priority. And most of us do not believe it’s important to go to confession. These are symptoms of a lukewarm faith. Thankfully, Jesus has a remedy for a lukewarm faith.

The Lord wants us to be on fire for Him in our lives. We are Catholic. We are called to know, love, and serve The Lord in a profound way. Get to know Jesus through prayer, scripture, and receiving the sacraments. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Practice your faith. Be Catholic.

Ponder: What can we do to become more passionate about our love for Jesus? How can we share the joy of our relationship with Christ to others?

Reflect: Sacred Scripture, Rev 3:16; Acts 4:29-31

Pray: Lord, grant me the courage to always proclaim your Word with boldness. Help me to love you with passion so that others may see the work you are doing through me.

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This post was written by Suzy Kelly

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