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It seems many Catholics today associate their faith in the same way as a political ideology. Often Catholics describe themselves and others as being either conservative or liberal Catholics. Parishes and clergy are frequently referred to as being somewhere on this liberal/conservative spectrum.

However, the Catholic Church is not a political entity. It is an institution founded by Jesus Christ which transcends the realm of politics.

The fact of the matter is that the Church is neither conservative nor liberal. It is simply Catholic. Describing priests, parishes, and congregations in these two classifications implies that we can choose what kind of Catholics we want to be. Often this type of categorization leads to Catholics picking and choosing the elements of Catholic teaching they will follow and those they choose to abandon.

We are Catholic. We are not a political institution. If we follow all that the Church teaches, we are neither liberal nor conservative, just Catholic. And, as Catholics, we must follow all of the teachings of the Church as established by Jesus Christ.

Ponder: What are some of the Church teachings that some cause people to categorize Catholics as being liberal or conservative. How can we better unite as Catholics?

Reflect: Isaiah 55:8-9

Pray: Heavenly Father, teach me always to follow your ways and not the ways of this world.

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