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Our faith is like the wind, you cannot see it but you can feel its effects. When the wind blows, you cannot see the wind but you can see its effects on the trees and plants as they move with the wind. So too is faith. We cannot see faith with our eyes, but with a strong faith that is committed to Jesus Christ and the teachings of His Church, we can move mountains. The effects of our faith will be felt by all who we encounter. And our goodness and kindness will be spread like leaves in a fall wind.

We are Catholic. We are called to live our lives with deep faith that touches others in a way only Jesus Christ can. Be a faith-filled Catholic spreading the joy of God’s love to everyone you meet.

Ponder: How have others with strong faith had an impact on your life?

Reflect: Sacred Scripture, Psalms 23:6

Pray: Heavenly Father, increase my faith in You so that I may always follow your Holy Will for me.

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This post was written by Suzy Kelly

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