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We live in a time when information about virtually any topic is readily available to us. When we desire or need information, we simply “Google” it.  With this easy access to information, our minds are continually expanding with knowledge about the world around us.

With knowledge comes power, many believe; therefore, one may conclude the more knowledge we gain, the more power we have. Often our own knowledge fills us with pride as we no longer feel the need for God, and we confidently rely on our own natural wisdom.

Our natural wisdom, however, is often in conflict with God and his Word, Jesus Christ, and the teachings of His Church.  Many have turned away from Church teachings on contraception, marriage between one man and one woman, women’s ordination, the precept of Sunday and Holy Day Mass attendance, and above all the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. On all of these fundamental Church teachings, many, in their natural infinite wisdom, have concluded that they know better than God and decide for themselves what they will and will not believe.

We are Catholic. The wisdom of the Church on matters of faith and morals cannot be changed, deleted, or left to our individual decisions. Even though we may grow in knowledge and understanding of these fundamental teachings, we must know that God is unchangeable. He has given us his Word, Jesus Christ, and the Church to guide us. It is never wise to think we know better than God. We must always let God be God.

Ponder: What teachings of the Church do you struggle with and how can you reconcile with God?

Reflect: Romans 2:5-8

Pray: Heavenly father, send me your spirit of wisdom and understanding on teachings I struggle with. Send me your spirit of peace, when wisdom and understanding are not present.

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This post was written by Suzy Kelly

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