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If you are like many Catholics, Lent is usually not a welcome season. Why can?t we simply have another Advent? Even though both Lent and Advent are penitential seasons, there seems to be more joy in the air in the weeks preceding Christmas. “How can we have a more joy-filled Lent?” you may ask.

One way to look at Lent is to see it as a time for spiritual growth. In fact, you can make spiritual growth a personal goal for the 40 days of Lent. Add simple, achievable spiritual moments to each day.

One idea you may want to consider is to select a saint that you will read about and pray to every day for each week of Lent. By the end of the six weeks of Lent, you will have learned about six different saints. And, you will have made six new friends in heaven!

We are Catholic. We are accustomed to giving up things for Lent, and often we fail. While it?s always good to perform personal penance, it is also valuable to our souls to call upon the saints for their intercession. This Lent, approach the season with the joy of knowing you will enrich your spiritual life with the help of our friends in heaven, the saints.

Ponder: What saints will you pick to enrich your Lenten spiritual journey?

Reflect: 2 Peter 3:18

Pray: Holy Spirit, guide me to the saints that are awaiting to hear from me.

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