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At a recent daily holy Mass, a young boy around the age of six, entered the pew where his grandmother was already seated. The pew was located toward the back of the large church.  The young boy lamented that he could not see what was happening at the altar. The grandmother leaned down toward the young child and whispered to him, “Put on your eyes of faith.”

Coincidentally (although we know that there are no coincidences), the Gospel reading for the day was the story of the apostle’s walk to Emmaus. As we know from this familiar story, during the long walk to Emmaus with Jesus in their midst, the two apostles did not recognize the Lord in their presence. Just like the young boy at Mass, they could not see.

We are Catholic. How often in our daily lives do we miss opportunities to recognize the Lord walking with us, guiding us, and speaking to us? Jesus never tires of communicating with each one of us in our normal, everyday life. It is up to us to keep our eyes of faith wide open.

Ponder: When do you feel the Lord’s presence in your daily routine?

Reflect: Lk 24:13-35

Pray:  Lord, help me to see you clearly with eyes of faith each day.

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This post was written by Suzy Kelly

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