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From appearances, it seems that many Catholic church-goers have become complacent in preparing for holy Mass. From a purely external witness, little thought is given by some to the appropriate attire when assisting at Mass. Jeans, shorts, T-shirts, and even athletic wear are all too common in our sanctuaries. Many have decided that comfort or come-as-you-are clothing is perfectly acceptable attire for assisting at the wedding feast of the Lamb. 

Often, it is remarked that Jesus doesn’t care what we wear to Mass and is grateful for our presence alone. However, Sacred Scripture might tell us otherwise. The Lord speaks often about being prepared in the Bible. In Matthew’s Gospel, the wedding guest who did not don the appropriate garment was kicked out of the wedding feast. As in this parable, one’s careless outward appearance may reflect a lack of care of one’s internal preparation, as well.

We are Catholic.  We are called to prepare for holy Mass both internally and externally. The Lord calls each one of us to be pure in mind, body, and spirit as we enter the sacred Mass. These preparations include frequenting the Sacrament of Reconciliation, observing the Eucharistic fast, praying before Mass and coming to Mass dressed appropriately to meet your King. Your preparations matter to Jesus. 

Ponder:In what ways can you go the extra mile in preparing for holy Mass?

Reflect:  Mt. 22:8-14

Pray: Holy Spirit, pour forth wisdom upon me that I may wisely choose to prepare for the worship of God the Father at every holy Mass. I ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

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