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Many times we are faced with situations that are inconvenient or undesirable. Maybe we don’t feel like going to work, cleaning the house, or driving the speed limit. Sometimes we may not feel like going to Sunday Mass or going to confession. Maybe we even excuse ourselves from these sacraments.

I have heard often that intentionally missing Sunday Mass without a valid reason is not a mortal sin. Some decide for themselves when they will attend Mass and when they will miss. Their actions are justified by a self-proclaimed determination that missing Mass on Sunday is really no big deal. Since, those with this justification see no problem with their decision, the next time they attend Mass they have no problem receiving Holy Communion.

Let’s examine this line of thinking from Church teachings. First, the Church teaches that it is a mortal sin to intentionally miss Mass on Sunday, without a valid reason. If, after committing a mortal sin we receive the Eucharist without first receiving sacramental Reconciliation, we have compounded our sin with a sacrilege. The sin of pride (we know better than the Church) is at work here.

We are Catholic. We are called to obedience to all that the Catholic Church teaches even if we disagree and think we know better. If we find ourselves making excuses for our actions which go against Church teaching, we must examine our consciences carefully. The sin of pride may be working within us. Let’s change our hearts and be obedient to the teachings of the Catholic Church even if we don’t want to.

Ponder: What other Church teachings are difficult to follow?

Reflect: Proverbs 16:5

Pray: Holy Spirit, help me to follow Church teachings especially when I find them difficult to follow.

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