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Developing personal relationships in the age electronic communications can be a challenge. Communicating by email, text, and Instagram is easy and quick, requiring no personal dialog. However, if you want to really get to know someone time, effort, and one-on-one communication is necessary.

Close relationships develop with people over time, following many personal discussions. Married couples, in particular, are people who engage in conversations perhaps many times throughout the day, strengthening their marital bond. Not only do spouses learn more about each other but they get to know one another in a much more personal way. Daily dialog is one of the keys to a meaningful and intimate relationship.

In the same way, developing a close, personal relationship with Jesus requires time and effort throughout the day. Much like the time spent daily communicating with a spouse, taking time each day to converse with Jesus is essential for a deep love to develop. We can learn a lot about Jesus by reading Sacred Scripture but it is through prayer, personal dialog with Him, that a loving relationship will develop.

We are Catholic. We have additional ways to develop a personal relationship with Christ through the reception of the sacraments, particularly the Eucharist. If we spend time building a relationship with Christ while on earth, He will recognize us at the gates of heaven. The last thing you want to hear as you approach the pearly gates is for Jesus to say, “Hi, I’m Jesus. I don’t believe we’ve met.”

Ponder: What more can you do to build your relationship with Jesus every day?

Reflect: John 17:6-10

Pray: Jesus, help me to grow in my love for You each day.

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