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Where do we as Catholics go every Sunday for about an hour? If your answer is “church,” try again. Catholics don’t simply go to church. That is what other Christian traditions do. Catholics actually participate in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Do you come to every Mass prepared to participate? Let’s see, if you were participating in a tennis match or a game of golf, would you have to prepare? Chances are you would know all about the game you were about to play and you would come dressed ready for participation in the sport.

In the same way, we must prepare for participating in the Mass. If you have been coming to Mass week after week, year after year, but don’t really know what is happening for the hour of your participation, you must find out. Just like in a tennis match or a game of golf, you must know what is happening or your experience of the Mass will be minimal at best.

After you find out what is actually happening at Mass, you must come prepared to participate. Have you selected the appropriate and modest attire? Have you fasted according to the precepts of the Church? At Mass, we are meeting Jesus face-to-face in a most intimate encounter in the Eucharist. We must prepare for this encounter each and every time we participate in The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

We are Catholic. Holy Mass is not a spectator sport. It is the place where heaven and earth meet. It is a place where we experience and participate in the most intimate union with Jesus Christ on the face of the earth. Come prepared to meet Jesus in the most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Ponder: In what ways should we prepare for Mass? What is the appropriate attire?

Reflect: Sacred Scripture: Mt. 22:11-14

Pray: Heavenly Father, open my heart that I may know and understand how to best serve you and always do your will.

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