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Many people celebrate Easter, joyfully.  Women don festive hats.  Children hunt for eggs.  Easter baskets are filled with chocolates and other surprises. In addition, churches are bursting at the seams on Easter Sunday morning. Often this Easter “routine” is done without the understanding of the true meaning of this joyous feast.

What are we celebrating on Easter?  For most, this is an easy question to answer. We are celebrating the day Christ resurrected from the dead, right?  But the follow-up question might be, “Why does it matter?”

Let’s look at the resurrection of Our Lord in a rather over-simplified manner.  In plain English, Jesus Christ proved to all of mankind that His death and our death are not the end for us.  Since Jesus rose from the dead, we, like Him, may have life after death. And, the great news is that our eternal life will be better than we can ever imagine, if we follow Christ.

We are Catholic. Easter is not simply secular routine but, rather, a celebration of our resurrected life to come. We have received from Christ the way to eternal life in heaven. His resurrection from the dead means we, too, may overcome death. It is up to each one of us to follow Him in order to attain eternal life in heaven. Heaven, then, is our reward for a life lived in the ways of Jesus Christ. His way is our way and is the only way to heaven.

Ponder:  What are some life changes to consider in order to better follow the ways of Christ?

Reflect:  John 14:6

Pray:  Holy Spirit, fill me with the grace needed in order to be an obedient servant of Jesus.

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