Often we hear from many in our culture that as long as we are good and lead a decent life, then when we die we will go to heaven. According to our secular culture, it doesn’t really matter if we believe in God, pray, or go to church. If we are good and treat others with kindness, we will end up in a good place, many believe.

But, this is not what God has told us. God has spoken and has given us specific instructions in order to spend eternity with Him in heaven. And, His Word tells us that much more is required in order to make it through the narrow gate into heaven. His Word is Jesus Christ and we learn from Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition what we must do in order to spend eternity in heaven. There is no easy way in. There is no get-into-heaven-free card.

We are Catholic. We believe heaven and hell are our two final choices for eternal life (purgatory is a stop along the way to heaven). The life we choose here on earth paves the way for our eternal destination. Always choose to follow Christ through the narrow gate and not the secular path to eternal destruction. Keep in mind, if we do not remain focused on Jesus Christ in this life, we may have hell to pay in the next.

Ponder: What does our secular culture tell us about life, birth control and marriage? What are the Church’s teachings on these same subjects?

Reflect: Mt. 7:13-14

Pray: Heavenly Father, please help me stay on the path that leads through the narrow gate and into our home in heaven.