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Being Catholic in today’s culture is not always easy and quite frequently it is unpopular. On many of the most controversial issues of our day, the Church’s position is rarely consistent with popular opinion. Often the Catholic Church is accused of being behind the times. Sometimes we may even question why our Church does not conform to popular opinion.

Believe it or not, it been this way from the beginning. Remember, in Matthew’s Gospel, Mt. 16:13-20, Jesus asked his closest companions who other people thought He was? There were many conflicting responses. Only one person got it right, Peter our first Pope.

We are Catholic. Our Church, our Pope, and the Magisterium are guided by the Holy Spirit. Just like the many different opinions given by Christ’s closest companions, there is only one Truth. It doesn’t matter if large numbers of people have a different opinion, the Church provides us with eternal Truth, the path to holiness. Through the obedience of faith we are called to follow the teachings of the Church, even if they are not popular. Follow the teachings of the Church and live a holy life.

Ponder: What are the Catholic Church’s teachings on life, marriage, and family? How do they differ from the popular opinion in our culture?

Reflect: Sacred Scripture, Mt. 16:13-20

Pray: Heavenly Father, help me to better understand the teachings of your Church so that I may better follow you holy Will for me.

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