The Old Testament account of Abraham and his obedience to God’s call for him to offer his son, Isaac, is often referred to as a type of the offering of Jesus. Can you imagine the pain Abraham experienced as he was walking alongside his son, preparing for this ultimate sacrifice of the life of Isaac? The suffering and pain experienced by this loving father anticipating the sacrifice of his son is beyond comprehension.

In a similar way, as Jesus agonized in the garden, as He was scourged at the pillar, as He was crowned with thorns, and finally was crucified and died, God, His Father was with Him. God suffered with His only begotten Son.

Just as God was with Jesus through His suffering and death, God, our loving Father, is with each and everyone of us as we experience the trials in our daily life.  We must trust that our Heavenly Father allows suffering for a greater good.  After all, the greatest good, our salvation, came from the greatest suffering, the crucifixion of Jesus the Lord.

We are Catholic. We trust in God and his will for us.  Know that in the end, God is with us always, especially in our sufferings.  And be assured that God will never. abandon us.  Instead, he anxiously awaits welcoming each of us into his loving arms at the end of our earthly journey.

Ponder:  Identify times in your life when you experienced suffering. Did you feel the presence of God during those times?  How was he present with you?

Reflect:  Sacred Scripture:  2 Cor 1:3-7

Pray:  Heavenly Father, help me to always feel your presence even when I am experiencing pain and suffering in my life.