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We all have busy lives and have much on our minds. Do you ever feel just a bit overwhelmed with the demands of your daily life? Do you need a little relief from the pressures you face daily?

The answer…go to your Mother…your heavenly Mother, Mary. She is the express lane to her Son, Jesus. When you pray for Mary’s intercession, she brings your intentions directly to her Son.

Use the weapon she has given us to protect us from all evil, the rosary. No matter what is on your mind, bring it to Mary and pray the rosary every day.

  • Worried about your family? Pray the rosary.
  • Lost your job? Pray the rosary.
  • Dealing with a serious illness? Pray the rosary.
  • Can’t find a job? Pray the rosary.
  • Depressed or anxious? Pray the rosary.
  • Grateful for a loving family? Pray the rosary.

We are Catholic. God created Mary, His Mother to be our Mother. Turn to her each day in prayer. Her loving and Immaculate Heart will console your every care. All you have to do is turn your heart to hers. Pray the rosary daily.

Ponder: Do you invite Mary to walk with you to Jesus?

Reflect: Sacred Scripture: Jn. 2:3-4

Pray: Mary, Mother of God and my Mother, lead me to Jesus.

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This post was written by Suzy Kelly

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