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We live in a culture where quick information, quick results, and even quick meals are expectations for many of us. If a computer program takes what-seems-to-be-a-lifetime to load, or the internet does not respond in nano seconds, it may cause us to spin into an impatient frenzy. We want things fast and easy.

Express lanes for speedy checkout, EZ passes for speedy travel, fast food for speedy meals are a few of the ways we try to maximize our efficiency and optimize our productivity. We even want speedy homilies at Mass, seven minutes max! Anything longer and we begin to drift off into lala land.

But, has God kept up with the times? Has He, in His infinite wisdom, realized that we need an EZ pass into heaven? We really don’t have time for daily prayer, Confession, or Masses lasting longer than 55 minutes. Doesn’t God realize that an express lane into heaven is the new, twenty-first century idea of salvation?

We are Catholic. We know that Jesus did not have an EZ pass on the road to Calvary. There was no express lane for Him to travel on His way to the Cross. As Catholics, we must embrace the lengthy homilies, the extended Masses, and daily prayer (even the long rosary) in order to imitate Jesus. We may not have an EZ pass into eternal life, but our heavenly reward will be worth the wait.

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