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Last Saturday, I decided to embark on a road trip to visit my children and grandchildren. This journey by car is over 600 miles leaving me much time for a personal quiet retreat. It was a day that I would miss daily Mass, something that has become an essential component of my day, or would I?

After a few hours on the road, having said the rosary and the stations of the Cross, I decided to turn on Catholic radio. Little did I know that the Catholic Mass was about to begin. The Lord knew I needed the Mass and He made sure this need was fulfilled. I made a spiritual communion and my quiet retreat continued.

A couple more hours passed by, after praying another rosary or two and the Divine Mercy chaplet, and after having reflected on Mary and the Cross, I decided to turn on the radio once again. This time, I began channel surfing. I wandered to a news channel where the funeral Mass for Justice Antonin Scalia was about to begin. Even though I only had my sense of hearing to participate in the Mass, I was mesmerized.

For two hours, I was participating in one of the most powerful liturgies of my life. I could not see the people, the priests, the altar, or the Eucharist. But I could hear the prayers of the priest and the people, the readings and the homily, and the bells and the beautiful music. Although I could not smell the incense, I could hear the clinging of the chains of the censer. I felt like I was really a part of this holy Mass. Although still in my car, I knew I was experiencing heaven on earth.

We are Catholic. Nowhere else on earth, no other religion, no other experience is as powerful and as beautiful as the Catholic Mass. If you can view it from a supernatural perspective, the Mass is truly heaven on earth. I did not know that today’s earthly journey would become a Mass transit. As it turned out, I did not miss my daily Mass after all. Instead, I received so much more. Not one, but two beautiful liturgies while in transit. When the Lord gives, He always gives in abundance!

Ponder: What is your supernatural experience of the holy Mass?

Reflect: Sacred Scripture: 2 Cor 9:8-9

Pray: Heavenly Father, I thank you for the gift of the holy Mass and the Real Presence of your Son in every Sacred Liturgy.

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