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Many of us have daily fitness regimes. Some of us go to the gym and lift weights, others may go for a daily walk, and many run on a treadmill on their path to physical health. One of the key areas of focus of any fitness program is the number of calories burned. No matter what the type of workout, the more calories burned, the more productive the workout seems to be.

Do we track our prayer life as diligently as we track the calories burned during our workouts? Imagine for a moment if ten minutes of prayer time burned the equivalent in calories as a one-hour workout. Would you change your daily one-hour workout to a ten-minute prayer workout? No question…bring on the daily prayer regime!

We are Catholic. Committing to a daily prayer life is eternally more fruitful than any physical fitness program. Daily prayer may not burn as many calories as a physical workout, but your time each day in prayer may prevent burning more than just calories in eternity!

Ponder: Do you plan time for your daily prayer like you do for your daily workout?

Reflect: Eph 6:18

Pray: Heavenly Father, help me develop a strong spiritual fitness program every day.

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This post was written by Suzy Kelly

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