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Many currently take the position that God would not condemn anyone forever. Believing there is no eternal condemnation implies that there is no eternal Hell. Supporting this position actually defies the Gospel and could place your soul in eternal jeopardy.

Believing that no one can be condemned forever raises many questions. First and foremost, if no one can be condemned forever, why did we need a Savior in the first place? From what was Jesus saving us? No Hell…no need to be saved, right?

If no one can be condemned forever, why do we need to be good? It’s more fun if there are no rules and no eternal consequences for our actions. No Hell for many might mean party time, all the time.

If there are no eternal consequences, why is there a need to pray, go to church, or receive the sacraments. In fact, why do we need to be Catholic or Christian or any other religion? No Hell, no need, indeed.

We are Catholic.  The fact of the matter is Hell is real. It is in the Gospel and has been the consistent teaching of the Church. Hell exists for those who reject God and refuse to follow Jesus and His ways. In order to preserve your soul from the eternal inferno, always follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Ponder: If there is no Hell, what else doesn’t matter?

Reflect: Mt. 25:41

Pray: Jesus, save us from the fires of hell.  Lead all souls to Heaven especially those in most need of thy mercy.


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