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Most of us have had times when we feel we know something as fact but find out later we were wrong. It is often difficult to accept our erring thoughts and ways.

It is also common, in our modern times, for many Catholics to come to their own conclusions about Church teachings, thinking they know better than the Church. Believing that the Church has not evolved into the modern world, their pride becomes their intellectual guide. Church teachings on marriage and divorce, contraception, and women’s ordination are a few examples of areas where some allow intellectual pride to eclipse Church teaching.

We are Catholic. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and always and the Church established by Christ contains this truth. We are called to obedience to Church teachings even if we disagree, lack understanding, or feel we know better. Be a steadfast follower of Jesus Christ and follow the teachings of His Church and don’t allow intellectual pride be your guide.

Ponder: What are some teachings of the Church that may be difficult to follow in this modern age?

Reflect: Heb 13:8

Pray: Holy Spirit, please give me the wisdom, strength, and perseverance I need to follow all of the teachings of the Church.

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