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Have you ever slowed down on an interstate when noticing a radar cop hiding in the brush? Have you ever changed what you were doing when you noticed your boss wandering your way? Have you ever changed computer screens when you noticed your teacher coming by?
Let’s be honest. We behave differently when others in authority are watching. We always want to be seen doing what is expected of us and exhibiting behaviors that make us look our best.
What’s really interesting is that most of us don?t realize that God is watching us all the time. That’s right. He’s watching and listening to everything we think, do, and say. He is even taking notes, so to speak.
We are Catholic. If we behaved all of the time knowing God is watching, we would most certainly be on our best behavior, following all that God has commanded of us. Get to know God, his commandments, and the teachings of his Church. God is always watching.
Ponder: Reflect on times when you routinely change your behavior when authority is present.
Reflect: Prov 15:3
Pray: Lord, help me to always follow your Holy will and may my thoughts, words, and deeds be always pleasing in your sight.

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This post was written by Suzy Kelly

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