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The term “mothership” often refers to a base, a source, or a headquarters.   It is used to direct people to a place of fundamental operations, a command center.

Jesus established our mothership, so to speak, when He established His Church on earth. And, remarkably, we, the Body of Christ belong to one Church, the universal Catholic Church.  She is the source of sacramental life for the Body of Christ. She is the source of Truth and spiritual nourishment here on earth.

We are Catholic.  Although there are many different Christian denominations that have sprung up over the centuries, the mothership is Holy Mother Church herself, the Roman Catholic Church. It’s best to stay close to the fundamental base of operations established by Christ. Do not wander from your mothership. Remain close to Holy Mother Church.

Ponder:  What causes people to leave Holy Mother Church?  How can anyone leave the Eucharist?

Reflect:  Matthew 16:18

Pray:  Heavely Father, thank you for leaving your people with the nourishment we need here on earth which we receive through the Church established by your only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

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