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Why be Catholic?  After all, isn’t being a card-carrying Christian good enough? Being a Christian is good. In fact, the Bible tells us that believing in Jesus Christ is essential for eternal life.

So, if being a Christian is good, why be a Catholic Christian? After all, being a Catholic requires so much more than other Christian religions. Simply joining the Catholic Church takes much more than an altar call. Unless you are baptized as an infant, becoming Catholic requires nearly a year of preparation. Then, once Catholic, attending Mass on Sundays is not an option. It is but one of the requirements of our faith.

Why be Catholic?  Because being a Catholic matters. As Catholics we enjoy the fullness of Divine Revelation.  We can say that Jesus Christ, Himself, established our Church. We are the only Christian Church having seven valid Sacraments, all instituted by Jesus Christ. The Eucharist, again Jesus Himself, is the source and summit of our faith. It can be said that we, as Catholics, have it all!

We are Catholic. Make it a point to learn more about the Catholic faith so that you can enjoy the fullness of everything the Church has to offer. A great resource for learning what it means to live a Holy, Catholic life is the Catholic Catechism.

Ponder: How often do you refer to the Catholic Catechism when you have questions about the beliefs of our faith? Do we allow public opinion to trump Church teachings?

Reflect:  Sacred Scripture: Lk. 22:31-32

Pray: Heavenly Father, I want to follow you always. Help me to follow the teachings of the Church you established, rather than my own impulses.

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