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In this era of modernism which has entered the doors of the Church, being rigid in the faith is often characterized as sinful. However, being rigid and not bending the moral teachings of the Church established by Jesus Christ is a noble and faithful practice.

We, as Catholic Christians, are called to uphold Divine Law, even at the expense of personal suffering and public accusations. It is by the grace of God that we can uphold all that the Church teaches and reveals to be true. And we are to exercise this faith by adhering unashamedly and yes, rigidly, to these teachings.

We are Catholic. Our Church has the fullness of revelation and all the means of salvation. The deposit of faith has been handed down to us through Jesus Christ, Himself. Always follow Jesus and the teachings of His Church with joyful rigidity, as has been faithfully transmitted to us throughout the ages.

Ponder: In what ways are you joyfully rigid in your faith?

Reflect: Rom 12:1-2

Pray: Dear Lord, help me to always be obedient to your holy will and adhere to the teachings of Your Church.


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