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You don’t have to be a green thumb to know the benefits of pruning a fruit tree. Pruning allows a tree to actually bear more fruit even though a part of a branch is being trimmed back.

Often, we are faced with difficult times in our life that can be painful to experience. Sometimes we may even get angry with God during times of personal trials. But, maybe in times like these God is asking us to grow stronger in our trust of Him. Maybe He is providing opportunities for us to turn to Him and become stronger in our faith. Could the Lord be sending us life-pruning opportunities for our spiritual benefit through our trials in life?

We are Catholic. We are called to trust in the Lord always, even during times of spiritual pruning. For it is through the trials in our daily life that the Lord invites us to a closer union with Him. Accept times of pruning as the Lord’s invitation to a deeper relationship with Him.

Ponder: In what ways have you experienced pruning in your spiritual life?

Reflection: Sacred Scripture: John 15:1-3

Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me accept difficult times in my life as your holy will for me.

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This post was written by Suzy Kelly

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