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Many times we are surprised by things that happen in our lives. Sometimes we experience events in our lives, which we often refer to as coincidences, chance, or even fate.

But with God, there are no coincidences, chances, or fate occurrences. Only with eyes of faith can we begin to see the events in our daily lives differently. The Lord is present in even the smallest details in our daily life; we simply need eyes of faith to see Him.

After His resurrection, many did not recognize Christ even when He was walking with them as He did on the road to Emmeus or when Christ was on the shore providing guidance to His closest companions. We, too, are called to recognize Christ walking with us in our daily lives.

We are Catholic. We have the sacraments to provide us with the grace we need for our earthly journey in order to help us see with eyes of faith. And we must recognize Christ when He is near. Throughout the day, we can have “aha!” moments, just like St. John the beloved apostle. We, too, are called to see Christ in our daily lives with eyes of faith and proclaim, “It is the Lord!”

Ponder: Describe an “aha!” moment in your life.

Reflect: Jn 21:4-7, Lk 24:28-35

Pray: Heavenly Father, help me to always recognize Your loving presence in my daily life.

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This post was written by Suzy Kelly

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