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Most of us love to be recognized for our accomplishments. To hear our name called out when we do something special is appreciated. It’s as if we have received a verbal trophy.

On the flip side, have you ever not been recognized for a special achievement? Or worse yet, has someone else been given credit for something you did? It is natural for us to want to set the record straight when this occurs. However, have we considered how the Lord might want us to handle these difficult encounters?

The Lord tells us often in Sacred Scripture, that we, like Him, must be meek and humble of heart. In fact, humility is the key to achieving holiness. And, holiness is required in order to enter into our heavenly home. Taking a humble path, especially when setting the record straight when not receiving credit that may be due to us, is often very difficult. Resisting this temptation requires a humble heart.

We are Catholic. The Lord calls us to be a humble people in a world that recognizes trophy people. We are called to resist the temptation of recognition above others and follow the humble path to heaven. After all, the Lord sees all of your accomplishments. He has set all records straight and He holds your ultimate trophy.

Ponder: How should you act or react when recognition was not given to you for an accomplishment you performed?

Reflect: Phil 2:3

Pray: From the desire of being extolled, honored, and praised, deliver me Jesus

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This post was written by Suzy Kelly

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