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When engaged in discussions about difficult Church teachings, the subject of allowing priests to marry inevitably comes up. Many believe that celibacy, abstinence from sexual intimacy, is too much to ask of a person and too difficult to follow. Celibacy is looked at as a curse rather than a life of sacrificial love.

Catholic priests are not the only ones called to a life of celibacy. All unmarried single persons including youth, divorced, separated, widowed, and those with same-sex attractions are all called to live a life of celibacy.

Instead of seeing celebacy as a life without sexual intimacy, it should be embraced as a life of sacrificial love. This sacrificial love is so beautiful when united with the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ on the Cross. For those called to live a life of celebacy, each day can be a special gift to our Saviour.

We are Catholic. We are called to live a life of chastity according to our state in life. For many, this includes a life of celebacy. Find the joy in living according to the will of God for you. Find joy in an offering of sacrificial love, celebacy, if this is the Lord’s plan for you.

Ponder: When faced with difficult Church teachings, do you choose to follow Christ or follow popular culture?

Reflect: Sacred Scripture: Rom 1:18-32

Pray: Heavenly Father, give me the strength and courage to live a chaste life always.

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